Tips for Deployment to the Cloud

By Jennifer Marsh - Apr 25 1015

Once you’ve established your cloud account and developed your product, the next step is to deploy your application to the cloud. Deploying to the cloud is a delicate process since one wrong move can cause your application to crash. You also want to take security precautions. Here are some tips for deploying your application, storage, and processes to the cloud.

Learn a Scripting Language If you’re a developer, learning a scripting language shouldn’t be too hard. There are several scripting languages including bash and PowerShell, and all of these will help you automate your deployment. Automation makes it faster and easier to deploy to the cloud. It also helps limit the amount of mistakes you make by never requiring you to remember every file, photo or document you need to change during the deployment.

Minimize the Amount of Dependencies Every application has dependencies, but the fewer the better. Dependencies mean you must maintain extra external code for each iteration of your software. If your dependencies no longer support your current code, you’ve put yourself in a dilemma to rewrite it or find another plugin. Dependencies must also run in your current environment, which isn’t always possible with old coding libraries.

Make Documentation Always create documentation that follows each step you need to take and any mistakes and bumps along the way. Documentation will limit the amount of time it takes for the following deployments. It also helps when someone else has to take over for you, or if you came across a bug that must be documented for future deployments.

Compare Solutions for Your Storage Before you decide to deploy, is your cloud storage provider sufficient enough to provide you the support and services you need? Always check with the provider to ensure that they have the resources you need. This includes storage space, CPU and server memory, operating system, support and services that you need when supporting a full application. Developers especially need support if they run into a bug or hurdle that they can’t figure out – and sometimes it’s only the host that can fix the issue.

Finding the right cloud storage provider doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can greatly improve your deployment operations. The cloud storage provider should give you all the tools, accounts, storage space, and platform options you need to make a successful deployment. It should also work with you to make automation using scripts a possibility. Read your host providers terms of service, and shop around until you find the right one for your applications.


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