Integrating Cloud Storage into Your Day-to-Day Projects

By Jennifer Marsh - Apr 7 1015

Cloud storage has numerous benefits to small, medium and large businesses. The first issue some businesses might have is just exactly how to integrate project management and software design into a cloud storage host. How do you move to the cloud? What types of processes are good for cloud hosting and collaboration? Here are a few tips for integrating your current projects and management to your new cloud solution.

Move Shared Documents to the Cloud One of the cloud’s biggest benefits is collaboration tools. You can share documents across several team members even if they are located all over the world. These documents are also available to any team member while he’s traveling or just working from home. You can also share documents with customers, your boss, or any number of authorized people you want to collaborate with. No more need for emails, email attachments or finding documents on your local drive. Now, you can just share a document from your cloud storage provider.

Use Cloud Storage instead of Email You’ll never need email for collaboration again with cloud storage. Sure, your customers will still send email and anyone who isn’t local will send email. But your team members can say goodbye to emailing documents back and forth. Instead, save files and email attachments to the cloud and send collaboration links to the necessary file.

Share Documents with Organized Folders Instead of throwing documents into a folder on the network, with cloud storage you can organize your documents and projects. Team members can review the documents and publish their own to share with you and other team members. You can also place passwords on specific folders where you only want specific, authorized users to access the folder.

Back Up to the Cloud and Leverage the Provider’s Backups Most cloud storage providers perform daily and weekly backups. Of course, you should check with your provider to ensure that they perform backups, but rarely does a service provider avoid saving your data. You should also ensure that the data is secure, but these backups are invaluable in case you need to perform disaster recovery.

Collaboration, storage, and convenience are just a few benefits of cloud storage. These benefits far outweigh the old local storage and collaboration of a decade ago. Your company can be much more productive and technology costs will be reduced greatly with the right cloud storage provider.


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