Options to Consider When Choose a Cloud Storage Host

By Jennifer Marsh - Feb 25 1015

If you do a search in Google, you’ll probably see hundreds of cloud storage hosts offering what seems like the same solutions for your business. Even though most cloud hosts look the same, most of them have slight differences and changes in their contract that can make or break your technology costs. You need the right cloud storage host to create the right environment for your business. Here are some options to consider when you shop for a cloud storage host.

Security Most people disregard security until their files and site are hacked. You want a cloud provider that takes your security and privacy seriously and put your data at the forefront of their concerns. Of course, there are plenty of other customer service oriented concerns, but you want a cloud storage host that has the latest on security and privacy issues.

Automated Backups You can create automated backups for your own files, but a cloud storage host usually automates their own backups for their customers. It might cost a bit to restore your files if you accidentally delete them or they become corrupted, but the host will automate backups so you can use them for your own disaster recovery. What you do want to consider is if the cloud storage host backs up data weekly or daily or any other type of frequency. This will help you estimate your recovery and data loss if you ever need to perform disaster recovery.

Cost There are plenty of free cloud storage hosts on the market, but these vendors don’t usually have the flexibility and scalability of paid solutions. While free providers are probably not the best for a business, it also shouldn’t be too expensive. Costs should scale with your business. As your business grows, your need for more storage grows and costs should align with your business needs. Most cloud storage hosts are extremely affordable and much cheaper than hosting your storage in-house.

Collaboration Tools A good cloud storage host lets you collaboration with team members and customize your environment. Each provider offers different tools, but you want to make sure that the tools match your business needs. You want to be able to share files, edit, keep track of changes and place passwords and security for authorized users only.

Always make a list of things you need from a cloud storage provider and find the right one for your business. These tips and considerations are just a few ideas, but you might have your own requirements that are customized to your business.


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