Collaboration in the Cloud for Developers

By Jennifer Marsh - May 1 1015

You’re an expert in your field, but it’s difficult to choose the right tools and collaboration platform for your developers. Developers usually work in teams, so they need the right tools to share files, documents, photos, code, and tasks. Many times, you also have a project manager or others who also share and collaborate with the developers. Here are some considerations for your platform and cloud storage host when you shop around for these services.

Task Collaboration Developers are usually assigned tasks as a project proceeds. These tasks are assigned or the developer can choose from a list of tasks. Whatever your solution, your cloud storage host should give you the ability to share tasks within the platform. You should be able to use whatever methodology you’ve implemented including Agile or Waterfall methods.

Storage This might seem like an obvious requirement, but some businesses forget to buy enough storage that gives developers enough room for large files. Remember, development often requires developers to keep large images, screenshots, and code files in the cloud. Your cloud storage plan should give you enough room for current files and any future collaboration efforts with additional projects.

Customization Developers like to customize their environment, and it’s important to find the right features and plugins that work with your cloud storage host. Developers should be able to customize their tools and even the cloud storage environment. Of course, there are always limitations, but the host should be flexible enough to allow changes to the business environment. A good host offers the ability to customize including plugins that snap into the development code.

Security Your developers will probably want to share business tasks that give insider information about your intellectual property. Your host should have your data and security as one of the most important factors for its support. Encryption, password protection and frequent backups are just three of the main security features your cloud storage host should offer. It only takes one mishap to cost your business money, so always take security as a primary goal for collaboration tools.

Support for Languages You probably have a specific language for your software, and your host should support that language. If you can plug in customizations, the host should support the language. Whether it’s Ruby, C#, Java, PHP, or VB, ensure that the host supports the language that your developers prefer.

Collaboration among developers is important for a successful project. Whether it’s a large or small project, your cloud host should offer you the tools you need to keep the team together and the ability to facilitate projects instead of hinder them.


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